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What is the Minamata Convention?

In order to understand the future-facing mission of Dental Recycling International, Inc. (DRI), it’s important to start with the history that led to its creation; specifically, the story of the Minamata Convention, which clarifies the potentially detrimental effects of mercury exposure on human and environmental health.

The Minamata Convention on Mercury targets those human activities responsible for mercury pollution worldwide. In the 1950s, Minimata, a city located in Japan, suffered a critical issue of mercury poisoning that lasted for decades, following the discharge of industrial wastewater into Minamata Bay from a chemical manufacturer.

The resulting bioaccumulation of mercury in the bay’s fish and shellfish resulted in severe illness in anyone who had consumed them. In some cases, the illness proved fatal or resulted in severe disabilities.

Mercury and Minamata Disease: a Lesson from Japan

In the late 1950s, people and animals in the Japanese fishing village of Minamata began to fall ill to a strange disease, which mainly affects the central nervous system. In severe cases, victims fell into a coma and died within weeks. Researchers later found that high levels of methylmercury, the most toxic form of mercury, in the industrial wastewater from a chemical factory was the cause of the disease and named it Minamata disease.

A Continuing Problem

The United States signed the Minamata Convention on Mercury in 2013. Despite efforts here in the United States to minimize mercury emissions, global awareness and action are required for effective remediation.

Unfortunately, mercury travels via air and water and can actually move thousands of miles as a pollutant. Some research asserts that global sources account for approximately 70% of mercury found in the United States.

Our Team

We couldn’t do what we do without our dedicated team of professionals who collaborate tirelessly to disrupt the status quo and deliver cutting-edge, cost-effective solutions directly to dentists worldwide.

Globally, we are committed to enhancing human health and safety worldwide by upholding the requirements and guidelines presented by the Minamata Convention.

Marc M. Sussman

Chairman, President & CEO

Gabe Farrell

Chief Operating Office & CFO

James Sisto

Senior Legal Strategic Legal Advisor

Greg Schultz

Senior Government Affairs Advisor

Alex Tureman

Senior Project Manager Australia

Rhiannon McHugh

Senior Marketing Consultant

Dr. Al Frost

Vice President of Clinical Affairs


DRI was founded in 2015 with the goal of being a leading global provider of amalgam waste recycling as well as other waste streams in dental offices.

Our goal established then remains the same today: to be the best compliance solution at the best cost for the dental professional.


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FDI World Dental Congress, Sept. 24-27


The FDI World Dental Congress, September 24-27, 2023 in Sydney Australia. We’re looking forward to meeting with prospective international dental society’s executives and board members to discuss potential partnerships!